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Zoriana Yudin was born on the first of August in the village of Uhryniv Tysmenytsia district Ivano-Frankivsk region in the family of creative parents who love and appreciate music and songs composed by their daughter. She spent her childhood in that picturesque place not far from the regional centre.

Zoriana owes everything she has to her lovely parents. She thanks them for bright and happy childhood, their support and helpful hand in different moments of her life.

While a child she went in for folk dancing at Ivano-Frankivsk Pioneer Palace. At the same time Zoriana attended Musical School #2 and succeeded as a bandore player.

In 1991 she finished the school with excellent results and received the Certificate of Approval. Without hesitation she entered the State College of Culture in Kalush – speciality Folk Art and Bandore Playing.

In 1995 she received Bachelor Degree conferring the qualification of Folk Orchestra Leader and Cultural and Leisure Activities Organizer and held a post of the instructor at Ivano-Frankivsk Central Public House #1. She was responsible for arranging clubs of interesting meetings with the intelligentsia of the region for the youth.

2001   the First Prize winner of Youth Song Festival «Zolotyi Tik» (the Golden Stack) in  Halych.

2001   Laureate of the Third Prize of Youth Pop and Rock Music Festival  «Suzirya» (Constellation)  held in Ivano Frankivsk.

2002   Laureate of the Best Author and Singer of the Ukrainian Song Award «Na khvyliah Svitiazia» ( On  the Svitiaz’ Waves).

2002   Laureate of the Second Prize of All-Ukrainian Song Festival in honour of Mykhailo Mashkin (held in Irshava).

2004   Zoriana entered the Precarpathian University – Department of Art, speciality «Theatrical Art».

2006   The first Ukrainian album of Zoriana Yudin «Ya ne ta» ( I differ a lot) was released by the National Audio Company (Kyiv) and AM-Studio (Ternopil) directed by Andriy Kachalo (sound producer).

The Album gained listener’s respect and international recognition in the USA, Israel, Italy. It is sold in Ukraine and worldwide. The songs of Zoriana Yudin are broadcast on Ukrainian Radio and abroad.

Her videoclips «Ukraino» (Oh, Ukraine), «Karpatskyi Krai» (The Carpathian land), «Rozcharuvannia» (Disappointment), «Spasybi mamo» (Thank you, dear mum), «Moya Liubov» (My love)  were broadcast on the First National TV Channel.

2007   Zoriana’s diligence for Lord’s Glory and goodness of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, her endowment for establishment of the Patriarchal Greek-Catholic Centre in Kyiv were highly estimated by the Supreme Archbishop of Kyiv-Halician Liubomyr Huzar. He expressed his gratitude and presented the singer with Diploma of Recognition.

2008    As a result of collaboration with Audio Companies «Lida»(L’viv) and «Six Seconds» (Kalush) new videoclips were released. They won top positions in the Music Charts of the Western region.

2008  A song «Blazhenna myt’» (Blessed Moment) was honoured by TV programme «Shlaher» (Popular Song) on the First National Channel (Kyiv).

2008   Zoriana graduated from the University having received Specialist Degree (complete higher education) and gained qualification of Variety Show Producer.

2008   She started collaboration with the well-known DJ composer Arthur Project (Israel), the winner of Discovery Night Life Awards (2007, 2008).

A new Album and new Video Works are in the process of creating and recording.

2009 The first DVD «Ya ne ta» was released by Audio Company «Lida».

Attention! Released a new audio album Zoriana Yudin "The Carpathian Land (Karpats'kyj Kraj)" together with audiokompaniey "6 seconds" Kalush and AM Studio Ternopil. The album contains 17 songs.


CD "Ya ne ta"


The first Ukrainian-language audio album "YA NE TA" Zoriana Yudin with the national audiokompaniey Ukraine Kiev and AM-studio under the direction of a sound engineer and arranger Andrew Katchalov Ternopil

DVD "Ya ne ta"


The first DVD album Zoriana Yudin "YA NE TA" together with audioсompany "Lida" in Lviv

CD "Karpats`kyj kraj"


Released a new audio album Zoriana Yudin "Karpats`kyj kraj" with audiocompany "6 seconds" Kalush and AM-Studio Ternopil. The album includes 17 songs.