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Recital-benefit Ukrainian songwriter Miroslav Von'o

Зоряна ЮдінRecital-benefit legendary Ukrainian songwriter Miroslav Von'o. The photo Miroslav Von'o, Ukrainian singer, vocal finalist TV show "Voice of the Country 2" Nazar Savko and the author and performer of his own songs, winner of national and international competitions Ukrainian singer Zoriana Yudin.


Concert in the Zolochiv, Ukraine

Зоряна ЮдінConcert in the Zolochiv, Ukraine.


Concert in the Kolomya, Ukraine

Зоряна Юдін February, 10, 2013.


Concerts, parties and corporate

Зоряна ЮдінSelection of photos taken at different times.


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CD "Ya ne ta"


The first Ukrainian-language audio album "YA NE TA" Zoriana Yudin with the national audiokompaniey Ukraine Kiev and AM-studio under the direction of a sound engineer and arranger Andrew Katchalov Ternopil

DVD "Ya ne ta"


The first DVD album Zoriana Yudin "YA NE TA" together with audioсompany "Lida" in Lviv

CD "Karpats`kyj kraj"


Released a new audio album Zoriana Yudin "Karpats`kyj kraj" with audiocompany "6 seconds" Kalush and AM-Studio Ternopil. The album includes 17 songs.