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Continuing information and music program "Obrii"

The new music album "highlands" the singer tells of Ivano-Frankivsk, winner of national and international competitions Star Yudin and perform their best songs. Modern violinist and composer, Honored Artist of Ukraine Kyrylo Stetsenko invite fans of classical art in Concert 14th May, which will be held in Kiev.


Recital-benefit Ukrainian songwriter Miroslav Von'o

Started concert blessing local priest said that it was symbolic of the event at Christmas time.

Concert band began wedding music "Spring" from m.Rudky Next song " widow's tears " became the duo Drogobytskyy group "Verkhovina" S.Harbadyn and N.Klymus and Valery Kirichenko Miroslav Von'o sang "Do not fall".

The famous song "Magic boykivchanka "ANNIVERSARY and gave all present singer from Ivano-Frankivsk Star Yudin and Ivano-Frankivsk duo honored artist of Ukraine Miroslav Peter and Honored Artist of Ukraine Svetlana Sukhoviy performed the song " Love and Sin " and " Roman - Autumn Walk".

On the occasion of the poet's recital recording greetings sent ANNIVERSARY Honored Artist of Ukraine Pavlo Mrezhuk with the song "Snowstorm" in his performance.

Miroslav Von'o briefly spoke about working with composers and shared some creative plans...

Singer of Tyachiv Olesya Lungu performed corolla folk songs and song Miroslav Von'o "I love you , mom " and finalist TV contest " Voice of the Country " singer from the city Nazar Savko performed some of his songs.>


New Album "Karpats`kyj kraj"

Attention! Released a new audio album Zoriana Yudin "The Carpathian Land (Karpats'kyj Kraj)" together with audiokompaniey "6 seconds" Kalush and AM Studio Ternopil. The album contains 17 songs.



Concert in the Zolochiv


Concert in the Kolomya


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