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International conference dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Professor Bogdan Shutko

International conference dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the famous scientist and anatomist, founder of electronic microscopy Professor Bogdan Vasilyevich Shutko


Concert in Zbarazh City

31 August, 2015.


2015 Galician hit

Ivano-Frankivsk Drama Theatre named after Ivan Franko


Soon a new song Zoriana Yudin "Hold me"

Soon the world will see and hear another song by Ukrainian Zoriana Yudin. Verses Ukrainian songwriter, People's Artist of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine, winner of the literary and artistic awards Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky, Andrei Malyshko, Dmitry Lutsenko, the author of 40 books of poetry and more than 900 songs. Therefore, the words of Vadim Kryschenko music Zoriana Yudin "Hold me".


Hits in Kiev

Hits in Kiev.


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CD "Ya ne ta"


The first Ukrainian-language audio album "YA NE TA" Zoriana Yudin with the national audiokompaniey Ukraine Kiev and AM-studio under the direction of a sound engineer and arranger Andrew Katchalov Ternopil

DVD "Ya ne ta"


The first DVD album Zoriana Yudin "YA NE TA" together with audioсompany "Lida" in Lviv

CD "Karpats`kyj kraj"


Released a new audio album Zoriana Yudin "Karpats`kyj kraj" with audiocompany "6 seconds" Kalush and AM-Studio Ternopil. The album includes 17 songs.